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nkhh;njfha; jdf;Ff; Fkhuj;jpaha; Vw;Wf;nfhz;ltSk;> mtd; rpwpajfg;gdhfpa mgpahNaypd; Fkhuj;jpAkhd v];jh; uh[htpdplj;jpy; gpuNtrpf;fpwjw;F Kiwte;jNghJ> mts; ];jphPfisf; fhty;gz;Zfpw uh[htpd; gpujhdpahfpa Nafha; epakpj;j fhhpaNkay;yhky; Ntnwhd;Wk; Nfl;ftpy;iy@ v];jUf;Fj; jd;idf; fhz;fpw vy;yhh; fz;fspYk; jia fpilj;jJ.
v];jh; 2:15


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